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Sorry I haven't updated. I've been working my tail off to try to finish this costume before May 18th. My corset is completely done, except the zipper took too much away from it, and now it doesn't fit right (on top of my putting the zipper on upside-down in my haste), so it needs to be adjusted. I bought and dyed all my fabric--looks a little light, but it's okay. The vines are getting close--I have enough done for the top and the sleeves. Speaking of tops, the top is almost done as well. After that's finished, I'll glue the flowers on. I'll do sleeves next. I bought a skirt pattern that's six sizes too big for me. Fortunately, it'll make the skirt full, and it looks like it'll be okay.

I think that's it. I'll take pictures along the way and really update when I have the time.
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