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Pirates Planning

I swear I'm still alive and ready to costumize. I'm planning on making a Pirates costume....the problem is, I'm known to change my mind about things once in a while. My problem right now is, I'm not sure I want to make the Plum gown anymore. I know it's the most recognizable, but I think the gold dress would be much more fun to wear (and thanks to Costumer's Guide, I have access to plenty of information on both gowns.). I will probably end up going with the purple dress, since I've already looked far into that, but I'm not a very good decision-maker. If anyone wants to decide for me, you're more than welcome. A few of my friends want to costumize with me, and one of them wants to make the gold dress....I don't think that'd be a problem, but it's nice to be original....dunno! I'll just ramble to myself a little longer.

Reasons to make purple:

1. Recognizable
2. Beautiful color
3. Original (I've never seen anyone around here with one, and I don't know anyone who's planning to.)
4. Probably easier to make than the gold dress....and cheaper.
5. Easier to find fabric
6. No embroidery

Reasons to make the gold:

1. Fun to wear--it'll be fun to wear the corset and panniers and all.
2. Beautiful!
3. I have the time for it, now.

Okay, looks like I'm making the plum dress. I'll start searching for fabrics and patterns and whatnot for the next little bit! But, if anyone's still up to deciding for me, go for it. Told you I'm bad. ;)
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