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I'm sorry I haven't been updating too frequently with my plum costume. For the record, I only have a tiny bit left on it, so I probably won't be taking update pictures until I'm finished, which, I'm anticipating, will be before the end of this week. All I have left is a tiny bit of trim I forgot to put on the first time through, a couple buttons on the underskirt, 2 more frogs. That's it! Oh, there's one other thing, but I need some help...

padawansguide, how did you make your overskirt go from this to this? Mine's still dangling there, and I'm not sure how your gathered yours like that. Thanks much!

Sorry again for lack of updates.... this costume is much easier, so it feels almost fruitless to post everything I finish, since it only takes about half the time my picnic costume did for just about everything on it.
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