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Costumeses Again

So, today I officially decided that despite the stresses of deadlines and whatnot, I need to make a new costume. I don't know what, and I don't know for what purpose.... that's where I need help.

I have no movies coming up that I don't already have a costume for, so I honestly have no idea what to make. I don't have much preference, though I'm admittedly still traumatized from the Padme outfit -- mostly due to excessive embroidery -- so I may pass up Star Wars costumes (unless it's one of the handmaiden outfits; I always wanted her Tatooine one or her burgundy one from Episode I.). Lord of the Rings would be a fun option, too, but I have no experience with jewelry stuff, and I'm a poor senior in high school without a job, so buying the jewelry is not an option. I would love Eowyn's white dress, or her shieldmaiden outfit, or one of Arwen's dresses; I dunno which, though. I'm Pirated out for the moment, as well (but they're so pretty I may just give in if someone argues the point well.). I really don't know what else there is. I have pretty much the one recognizable Harry Potter outfit there is, so I think I'm done in that territory for a while, plus I'm in a dress mood (and I'm still not feeling Hermione's dress. I got used to the skirt, but it'd be hard to alter the top and still make it recognizable, and I'm not making it without altering the top).

Uuumm... yeah, suggestions for costumes or purposes would be muchly appreciated.
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