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Skirt Update

I've been working only a couple hours at a time on the top of the dress, but I decided to leave that until last. I worked on the skirt all day on Monday; the problem is, it doesn't seem like I got very far. Most of it was cutting and marking. I did eventually get the main satin layer together (that's the easy part), and I practiced on the topmost flounce. The pattern may have the perfect number of flounces, but they are badly shaped. The ones we want start on the front sides (easily fixed, though), and start short in the front and go much longer in the back (the tricky part). There is also the problem that the flounces have seams in the sides, not the front and back like I want. I got something close to what I wanted, but I won't post it until I have completely perfected it.

There really isn't much to see of the skirt, yet; it's just a massive blob in an extremely shimmery rose (I didn't notice how shimmery until I laid it out on the floor). For pictures, I finally scanned my swatches. It doesn't show the texture too well, but the color is much better. Keep in mind the charmuese satin is much prettier in real life; I've had that swatch everywhere, searching for a matching chiffon fabric, so that swatch has water marks and who knows what else all over it. I finally found one chiffon at Joann that I special ordered. The chiffon swatch you see in the picture is the same one I'm talking about. It's a little lighter than the satin, but it looks really good with it. I'm very pleased with the fabrics I wound up with. The thinner swatch in wine is actually an organza ribbon for the waist. As for where I bought each fabric: The satin came from Syfabrics.com (100% polyester), the chiffon came from Joanne and was called, "Casa Rose Chiffon," and it's 65" in width (100% polyester), and finally the organza was just your typical fabric store roll in "Wine."

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