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Costuming Meme

Sorry, I've just started a new job and have barely had time to keep up with my regular routine, let alone get sewing again. Hopefully I'll be able to recover from the shock of it quickly and get going again. This is a meme I stole from padawansguide. I'm not a huge costumer, I admit, it's just at this moment something I enjoy (though it is one of the three majors I'm considering at the moment). Anyway, respond if you want. If you post this in your journal, I will respond as well. Thanks!

1. What costume (that I could realistically pull off) would you like to see me do?
2. What costume (with no constraints on time, skill, or money) would like to see medo
3. Which costume that I've completed do you like best?
4. What genre costume do you think I should do more of? (ie, Star Wars, LOTR, etc)
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