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Picnic Gown Hair and Make-Up Tutorial

I practiced doing the Picnic Gown hair and make-up today. I took step-by-step pictures, so hopefully it'll be a helpful tutorial. This is how to do the hair if you're using all your own hair. padawansguide suggested using doll wigs to fill the snoods instead--great idea! Doll wigs are cheap and just the right size. If you don't have enough hair to use them and do the rest, I'd definitely recommend that.

Finished product:

(I tried to pose like this picture of Padme....didn't work so hot.) I didn't have this picture out when I did this hair; I tried to do it by memory. Next time I do this, I'll pin the curls ONLY around the headband, and lower the curls in the back to cover the ponytail's downwardiness! At least I know this way worked! And I may use some of the same curlers tumamoc used with her blood-red dress for time and tighter curls (As seen here.

Here's the back:

1. Plug in your curling iron and curlers RIGHT NOW. They'll be nice and hot when you need them.

2. Split your hair into thirds, then split the middle section in half. You should have four sections.

I look like such a dweeb. Haha!

Yes, the link is sideways, and I'm too lazy to fix it.

3. Put the two side sections into buns and pin them over the ears (this was my hardest part.).

4. Pin the snoods over the buns. I learned here that I should've put the headband on before the snoods. It's okay, though, it turned out even after a second.

5. Curl the middle, lower section using small curlers or curling iron. Use hairspray while your hair's wrapped around (use an old curling iron for this step, unless you don't mind brown spots on a new one.). This will take a while. The curls should look like ringlets, and you'll just have to run a finger through them and break it in two. Tie the lower section in a low ponytail with a tie close to your hair color. Cut ribbons so the ends are as long as your hair, and the two loops are fairly small (you'll have to estimate. It's not too critical to get the loops too big or small.), then tie them in your hair in bows (with long ends and small loops.)

6. Curl the front, middle section the same way.

7. Pin these sections up around the headband so it's not so visible on the sides and back. Pin some over where the hair goes down and into the ponytail (you'll probably need someone to help you for this step.).

8. For make-up, I used a lash curler, Great Lash mascara (in black), Wet n' Wild eyeliner in 649 (a dark brown or black), Maybelline eyeshadow 40 (using the middle color--tan--and the darkest brown. Apply the tan to the lid, then the dark brown on the crease just above the lid. Add a little more tan above that and blend so that it mixes well, but don't take away the color or effect.), and Wet n' Wild lipstick 528 (I think I'll buy a new one, though. It's more like lip shine than lipstick.). I also made a mole on my cheek to match Padme's, on my left cheek (using the dark eyeshadow and the tip of the brush). Not necessary, though. Aaaand, you're done!

Hope that was helpful!
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