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I didn't take pictures along the way like I said I would, but I'm so relieved that it's finished. Here you are--a Mormonized Picnic costume. ^_^ Unfortunately, I was missing 3 rose bunches from my corset by the end of the night. One is missing in the picture of me waiting in line. I didn't take pictures as I went along, like I promised. I'm sorry, there just wasn't time! I ran into a few problems, like the corset not fitting (I had an absolute melt down....haha, I was bawling! Of course, I hadn't slept in 3 weeks at that point. Maybe 4....anywho, it's been about 5 or 6 now, and now that these major stresses are over, I can sleep again! :D), and realizing that patterns come in sizes, not just small, medium, and large. Fortunately, buying a size 18-22 for the skirt made it fuller. I didn't even need the yoke (besides the fact that I'm 5'8", and probably needed another couple inches. Eh, no sweat. Now it'll fit Livvers better, if she still wants to wear it. It'll be big on her, though, being thin as she is!), so that's good! I stayed up until 2:00 AM on May 17th....well, I supposed the 18th, since it was that morning at 2:00. My mom stayed up until 3:00 putting velcrow, hooks and eyes on the actual dress. I was a little late for school on the 18th, since I was cutting out ribbon so all I'd have to do is tie it on later (I had to stay after school to work on my pottery, so I needed all the time I could get.). Mmm, that's about all. I don't know what I haven't mentioned, so if you have any questions about what I did on this costume, let me know.

These are some pictures of the corset, taken by tumamoc:

Also taken by her....actually, these all are. The hair:

The final costume (I'm just behind the ginormous line for the midnight viewing.):

Just wanted to thank padawansguide for all her help. I basically copied her tutorial all the way through, only modifying the top so it had a neckline and the sleeves connected to the top. Thanks for the ribbons, too! Thanks to my mom for her help and staying up late with me (and past me, one night) to help get this done on time. And my brother's girlfriend for putting my ribbons on my sleeves and gluing sequins in my skirt (and punching them out.)! I couldn't have done it without ya'll!
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