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Plum Gown

I know I haven't updated in ages, but I really have been working my costuming. I ended up choosing the Plum Gown. I've already bought the material on the luckiest sale of my life. There were two bolts of the material, and I needed 17 yards. I took both up and asked for 17 yards. Of course, the woman cutting sorta laughed and said, "Honey, these only come with about 12 per bolt. You're gonna have to order if you want that much." She measured the largest bolt first, and came up with not one inch more or less than 17 yards. Just on the one bolt! Anyway, I've been lucky during these shopping trips, I really have.... I've also had the material for the shift for the island dress for ages, but yeah.... I found a material that looked identical to the real costume's but I traded an identical part of the costume no one would see for something more comfortable: off-white cotton with a white floral print. The material I was looking at was intended for drapes and would have been like wearing a potato sack. I also bought some trim, buttons, etc., but still need more of those.

I'm using the exact same patterns as padawansguide, since there's no need to redo her amazing work. Her tutorial is found here. The only thing I'm using a different pattern on is the underskirt, because the McCall's pattern is no longer available. I'm substituting that with Simplicity 5041, View C:

Anyways, for the real updates... the island dress is 100% finished. I finished that on Tuesday while watching all three of the Original Trilogy Star Wars (Well, almost. I was barely on Endor when I finished. ;)). I also got my bodice boning in, and the layers sewed together... it's still not much of a bodice yet, but not too shabby.

The shift isn't form-fitting like padawansguide's, but I didn't have a ton of time on my hands, so I made the dress as-is, then eventually cut down the center and on the sleeves, then put them back together using 6 yards of white cord and 70 button holes (I believe that part lasted me about 1 and 1/2 SW movies, though I'm not positive.), Making button holes isn't exactly quick work, and I'd never done it before.

Here's the bodice, or whatever you wanna call it at this stage:

Aaaand that's it! Hopefully I'll be able to update more.... and I will certainly be working on it more. ^_^ There's still tons to do, and only two months to do it! Next I think I'll finish as much as possible on the bodice and then do the sleeves, and then the skirt! Weeee! ;)
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