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Hair and Make-up Tutorial

It's time for my now traditional hair and make-up tutorial! I should make a website out of these, but there's one set-back; I know very little about hair and make-up and am not good at either by any means. Anywho, done rambling, I did two different styles:

Elizabeth's extremely high half-ponytail, and her waves.

I covered the bottom half of my face... I'd rather show as little of myself as possible. ^_^

For the wavy hair:

Pretty obvious. Just put your hair up and take it down sections at a time. Curl it with a medium width curling iron, spray each curl. Don't worry about curing the top; Keira's is pretty straight on top. I put the curling iron as high as it would go, right underneath the top layer to make that high, fly-away look.

For the high half-ponytail:

Make the waves I explained above. Take a sock (NOT an ankle sock), fold it in half longways, then shortways. Set on top of head -- not in the very front, but not too far back. Pull the top layer that you want in the ponytail over the sock and smooth it. It won't be covered perfectly yet. Put a barret in your hair to hold. Next, position your hair a little at a time to cover the sock and to make it even, and use bobby pins to hold them. Thaaaat's about it....

For the make-up:

I used this picture for reference:

This scene, she has a smokey look (basically looks like it's running a little), so the eyes will have grays and blacks. First, I plucked any stray eyebrow hairs.... just so I wouldn't have to worry about that later. Then I curled my eyelashes -- it makes the eyes look bigger and adds to the smokey look. Next, I put on foundation. I put eyeliner on (I used a pencil in black), bottom and top (I went to the far end of my eyes, but didn't go past the lowest point of my eye on the bottom, or past the highest on the top). Then, I used a Q-tip to pull the eyeliner downwards (or upwards, for the top). I used Maybelline eyeshadow number 50: impeccable greys. I used the middle color for the lid, and the darkest for the deep part of my eye, just above the lid, and just a little more of the lighter above that, then blended with a tissue. I added the darkest below my eye, too, just below the liner, and pulled it to the outer end of my eye so it blended with the rest. Then I added mascara (black). I don't usually put mascara on the bottom, but it adds to the effect in this case, I think.

That's basically the most important part -- she mostly wore eye make-up. I didn't use any blush, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt. Now, most of us would love to have Keira's full lips, but unfortunately, most of us don't. I'm not exception. So, I use Sally Hansen's Lip Conditioner + Plumper. It doesn't make a huge difference, but it's enough. It's also a whitish color, which winds up making the light pink color Keira has.

I think that's it... probably not very helpful, but I thought I'd share. ^_^
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